Amos the Transparent – Change My Mind

Amos the Transparent, the Ottawa six-piece, is back with a new single called “Change my mind”. The song was announced on a Facebook post and is available for purchase on their website for however much money you want to give them:

The band will be playing four more shows this summer, including a set at Ottawa Bluesfest on Sunday, July 17.

Amos the Transparent released “Their Cold Escape,” their latest album, in 2014. Although the band hasn’t made any suggestions as to future releases, they have been posting pictures from the studio throughout 2016.


12 thoughts on “Amos the Transparent – Change My Mind

  1. Bad effing morning. Sometimes I wish we didn’t get news.

    Another stupid angry American with a gun goes all self-righteous; kills cops who were opening the way for the anti-police-violence demonstration.

    Shiiiiiiiit. Stupidity wins the day.

    Stuff like that makes me ashamed of humans.


  2. in the U.S. democracy is severely compromised at this point; an oligarchy with democratic forms, this is the root of our disfunction …failing to respond to societal problems, and in many cases failing to even generate the metrics needed to diagnose said problems :l


  3. I’ll grant you that, but what I’m noticing is all the indiscriminate killers who, usually, a) aren’t great thinkers (though they think they are), b) have semi auto rifles, and lots of ammo, but that goes without saying, and c): somehow feel entitled to shoot other people they don’t know to make a point.

    It’s c) I don’t understand, the hutzpah, worse, the hubris — as applied to “killing others because I’m pissed off”. Where do they get the mental balls to even imagine they’ve got a right? Amazing how going unhinged in itself seems to blind them to that fact — that they’re unhinged.

    Anyway, enough on this sad subject, a least for now.


  4. @BFO – I have F1 FP2 going in the background. Pretty great TSN has more practice sessions this year eh?


  5. Good day. More people are on the other, “TooL playlist” page. (Two new pages got put up, is what.)


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