Tear it down and build it back up – An OurBasement Playlist

By Nick Jean

It’s been a week, a month, a year of upheaval around these parts, and today’s playlist theme has been chosen to reflect upon this. The bedroom is being renovated, the highway is being repaved, careers are being shifted, our old home is gone and a new site is taking its place.

Sometimes the trappings we surround ourselves with get dull and boring, or maybe they just aren’t working as well as they once did. When that happens it’s time for a renovation. Tear it down and build it anew. Nothing is so satisfying as looking upon your completed project and knowing you made a thing.

Here’s a little playlist to soundtrack your reconstructive impulses. What songs would you add to it?


43 thoughts on “Tear it down and build it back up – An OurBasement Playlist

  1. Maybe not totally in keeping with the theme but since you asked @zammy I’d add Start Again by Shred Kelly.


  2. Hello!

    @Shonica – Yes! I saw that Bahamas will be here. Dan Mangen on the 18th of Aug as well.

    I think Joel Plaskett is here in September.


  3. Frig! Shonica, your comment got me to look up J.P. Emerg. tour, and there’s a free concert (festival type) in Smiths Falls on August 13! May well go!


  4. I got caught off guard by the Sarah McLachlan song… I thought “wait she’s not Canadian!” … oh yeah, I guess she is.


  5. almost weekend time.
    la la lala la
    la la lala la

    I can never remember the words to that one


  6. anyone recall another new wave-ish 80s song about a holiday? I can’t recall the band
    not Madonna or the Go-gos.
    thought it was the Silencers, but I was wrong


  7. pretty sure the band was from st paul/minneapolis, which is why I thought Silencers, but that’s just because they’re first album was A Letter from St Paul


  8. Holy day? Colonel John By hasn’t been canonised, has he? Oh hold on, he probably wasn’t a papist…


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