The Weekend Word Weave – Coffee

Welcome to the Weekend Word Weave. Each week we will put together a playlist of songs whose titles contain our theme word, which for this weeks list was “Coffee”.

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons”
T.S. Eliot

I wonder where the world would be without coffee. Asleep probably.

Shout out to the following readers and collaborators for their help:

Coffee by Arkells (Reginula)
There Might Be Coffee by Deadmau5 (DarBarSpecial)
One More Cup of Coffee by Frazey Ford (DarBarSpecial)
Second Cup of Coffee by Gordon Lightfoot (Shonica)
Coffee Girl by The Tragically Hip (DarBarSpecial)
No Coffee by Betty Bonifessi (DarBarSpecial)
Kapuskasing Coffee by Justin Rutledge (Shonica)
Coffee Soaked by Jody Glenham (Russ Gordon)
My Coffee’s Getting Cold by Sharon Gudereit (DarBarSpecial)

Honerable Mention
Mr. Coffee by Lagwagon (Tom Westoll)

Let us know in the comments below which songs with Chocolate in the title should we include in next weeks playlist, along with words you think we should try to build a list around in future.




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