The Weekend Word Weave – Coffee

Welcome to the Weekend Word Weave. Each week we will put together a playlist of songs whose titles contain our theme word, which for this weeks list was “Coffee”.

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons”
T.S. Eliot

I wonder where the world would be without coffee. Asleep probably.

Shout out to the following readers and collaborators for their help:

Coffee by Arkells (Reginula)
There Might Be Coffee by Deadmau5 (DarBarSpecial)
One More Cup of Coffee by Frazey Ford (DarBarSpecial)
Second Cup of Coffee by Gordon Lightfoot (Shonica)
Coffee Girl by The Tragically Hip (DarBarSpecial)
No Coffee by Betty Bonifessi (DarBarSpecial)
Kapuskasing Coffee by Justin Rutledge (Shonica)
Coffee Soaked by Jody Glenham (Russ Gordon)
My Coffee’s Getting Cold by Sharon Gudereit (DarBarSpecial)

Honerable Mention
Mr. Coffee by Lagwagon (Tom Westoll)

Let us know in the comments below which songs with Chocolate in the title should we include in next weeks playlist, along with words you think we should try to build a list around in future.




Oh, Alberta: An OurBasement Playlist

By Regina Sienra

Sweet, loud, edgy Alberta. Home to contrasting landscapes of high mountains and flatlands, but also to bands with an equally diverse sound. It’s indie rock, besides being beautifully crafted, has a bit of an bubbliness and unrest to it that makes it stand out among Canadian music, while its folk side is loaded with inspiration from the lifestyle and hard work that has defined this province.

Join as we celebrate the vibrant indie Alberta scene. From the mysterious atmosphere of Faith Healer, to the tender sounds of The Dearhearts, without forgetting to stop by the perennial party of The Wet Secrets, the Wild Rose Country music has something for every taste.

Featured picture: Lab Coast. Taken from the band’s Facebook page. 

Tear it down and build it back up – An OurBasement Playlist

By Nick Jean

It’s been a week, a month, a year of upheaval around these parts, and today’s playlist theme has been chosen to reflect upon this. The bedroom is being renovated, the highway is being repaved, careers are being shifted, our old home is gone and a new site is taking its place.

Sometimes the trappings we surround ourselves with get dull and boring, or maybe they just aren’t working as well as they once did. When that happens it’s time for a renovation. Tear it down and build it anew. Nothing is so satisfying as looking upon your completed project and knowing you made a thing.

Here’s a little playlist to soundtrack your reconstructive impulses. What songs would you add to it?

OurBasement Playlist: Landmarks

By Regina Sienra

Whether you live in a big city or small town Canada, there’s always a feeling of pride, belonging or representation when a building, a street, a station or any other landmark you pass by on your daily basis makes it to a song that has the potential of reaching thousands of ears. In some cases, it’s like seeing a story cross paths with yours.

For outsiders, hearing about such landmarks is an unique way to learn about any given city through local artists or visiting musicians that were inspired enough to incorporate it into their art.

Take a trip across Canada through the places – popular or unknown, large or tiny, natural or manmade – that make each city or town unique.

Visit the ever-changing landscape of False Creek in Vancouver, beautiful Wascana Lake in Regina, a busy intersection in Winnipeg, bubbling Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal or an iconic venue in Halifax. You never know what you can learn from your neighbours. Or the place you live in.

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for this playlist: Darbarspecial, Loozrboy, Shonica, Switters, CDNz1, GarfieldUK, Zammachus, Tiffy, Morgana, Old Abe and Scott. If your song isn’t here, be sure it’ll be used at a future OurBasement playlist.

Did you spot all the landmarks? Is there any other song that belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments.

Your Summer Songs: An OurBasement Playlist

By Nick Jean

Last week, I asked you for suggestions of “summer” songs. What made a “summer” song was entirely up to you, and boy did you deliver. We’ve once again broken the record for longest playlist. (At this rate, by the end of the year it will take all week to play through.

Whatever you’re doing this summer, we’ve got the music to soundtrack it. Chilling at the beach? Check. Spontaneous road trip? Got it. Gotta portage? We’ll power you through it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Now enough chat. The summer’s wasting away as we speak and you’ve got a lot of listening to do. CRANK IT!!

Beautiful British Columbia: An OurBasement Playlist


Clear your schedules! This week’s playlist is a DOOZY! It’s 47 songs. It’s more than 2 and a half hours long! And it’s ALL B.C.!

Yes, following last week’s celebration of all that is Canada, we’re starting on a trip around the Great White North from coast to coast to coast. After today, the first playlist of each month will be dedicated to exposing all the music goods that each province has to offer. That will take us all the way to next July and Canada’s 150th birthday!

Today you’ll be hearing from dozens of bands both familiar and obscure. Some may sound familiar, but they’re not. Some you may have forgotten (Remember Brasstronaut? Choir Practice? The Organ?)

Hopefully you make some new musical discoveries. And if there’s anyone from B.C. you feel deserves some more attention, give them a shout in the comments.

Enjoy the music! And I won’t be at all offended if you don’t make it through the whole list…

(What do you think? Is this playlist too long? Is there too much rock? Not enough hip hop? Give me your feedback below.)

Our Anthem – A Top of Our Lungs Playlist

Happy birthday, Canada! At 149 your shores are looking a little weathered, but then haven’t they always? That’s what adds to your charm.

For all of you celebrating the birth of the True North Strong and Free, I’ve put together a little (okay, big) playlist for you. A lot of things have come to symbolize Canada on the world stage. Politeness, beavers, maple syrup, Tim Hortons “coffee,” attractive and/or drug-using politicians. Seeing as we’re all about music here, I thought we could honour (with a U) the most Canadian song. No, not the Hockey Night In Canada Theme (rights now owned by a broadcaster with next to know hockey to broadcast…)

It was 36 years ago that O Canada became our official anthem (Fun fact: That happened to coincide with it’s 100th birthday.) The words should be familiar to all you hosers, and the occasional Yankee, too. If not, you’ll find them in the playlist below.

Each word (prepositions, conjunctions, etc. excluded) is represented, in order, in the songs selected by some truly excellent Canadian bands.

You’ll find indie favourites like Kathleen Edwards, Arcade Fire and Joel Plaskett (check out our Instagram for where Joel and other acts are playing for today’s celebrations.) Canadian classics are there too — Great Big Sea, Gord Downie. Hopefully you’ll find a new act you love, too. Maybe Hexes & Ohs or Twin River.

Make sure you listen to the playlist before the sun goes down, though. It will be hard to hear the music over the fireworks.

Happy Canada Day!