4.5 Free Albums Downloads

By Nick Jean

“Never work for exposure” is one of the fundamental rules for beginning artists and designers. The opposite is often true for independent musicians, however. Exposure is one of the most valuable assets one can acquire. More exposure means more fans. More fans means more exposure. Eventually the cycle feeds back on itself to the point it’s possible to fully monetize your music and make something that resembles a living off of it.

Those early steps are where sites like NoiseTrade get involved. In exchange for an email address and a postal code, a listener can get access to reams of new music from acts of whom they may be, or more often aren’t, familiar.

“Great music is its own best marketing tool… There’s no better way to build your tribe than by letting the music speak for itself,” NoiseTrade says of their system. And for those who join that tribe, they also offer the option to “Tip” the artist, creating something of a pay-what-you-want system for the music. The biggest difference is that by offering the music for free and calling any money given a tip, they have helped negate the guilt many fans feel when taking an album for free from a pay-what-you-want offer.

There are all shapes and forms of sound available on NoiseTrade. If you’re looking at acts you’ve not yet heard, they offer a “For Fans Of” section with other similar acts to make your “shopping” easier. You can also preview any of the music right on the page just by clicking on the song title.

We’ve picked out four full albums and a sampler from some great Canadian acts you can get immediately. Click on the album art to grab the download.

Les Jupes - Some Kind of Family
Les Jupes – Some Kind of Family

Winnipeg’s gloomy Les Jupes released Some Kind of Family last year. This is not a pick-me-up kind of record. Save it for when you’re looking to wallow in the dumps. It’s the perfect soundtrack for when you just want the world to go screw itself.

NoiseTrade’s For Fans Of
The National, Frightened Rabbit, Nick Cave, M83, Joy Division

rebekah-higgs sha-la-la-cover

Rebekah Higgs – Sha La La

Dreamy synths, reverberating, foggy vocals and a hint of Doo-wop make up this 2013 release from Halifax’s Rebekah Higgs. Sha La La isn’t the longest album you’ll find out there, but every one of the six tracks is packed with excellence. Guaranteed you’ll be looking for more from Higgs.

NoiseTrade’s For Fans Of
Cat Power, The Crystals, Best Coast, Feist

lauren mann dearestly

Lauren Mann – Dearestly

Hopefully you’re already familiar with Dearestly, the surprise record Lauren Mann dropped last month. As we previously mentioned, Mann is in the midst of a massive cross-country tour. If you didn’t grab this folky pop masterpiece then, grab it now and listen to it repeatedly so you can sing along when she plays near you.

NoiseTrade’s For Fans Of
Joni Mitchell, Brooke Fraser, Florence and the Machine, Copeland, Eisley


PS I Love You – Muster Sessions

Turn your calendars way back for this one. It was six years ago that Kingston noise-rockers PS I Love You release Meet Me at the Muster Station. You’ll notice, however, that isn’t the name of the album above. This is actually their 2012 release wherein they’ve packaged all the tracks from Muster Station as they were recorded live at radio sessions while touring the album. The intimate setting produces a softer sound you may not expect from one of Ontario’s loudest bands, but it’s certainly one worth tuning into.

NoiseTrade’s For Fans Of
Joni Mitchell, Brooke Fraser, Florence and the Machine, Copeland, Eisley

craig cardiff love is louder

Craig Cardiff – Love Is Louder Sampler

While this sampler may only be two songs, hear us out. Craig Cardiff is one of the hardest working songwriters in the country. If you don’t believe that, check out the rest of his repertoire on NoiseTrade. He has 16 individual releases available on there, each with two or three tracks. Each of those downloads represents an EP or LP he has released. On top of all that, he’s constantly touring, playing in any venue that will take him, even your living room. Check out his upcoming shows (54 of them between now and next May) on his NoiseTrade page, too.

NoiseTrade’s For Fans Of
Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco

Canadian Indie Week – Taking Submissions NOW

By Tiffy Leeson

So like, I’m in a band:

Indie Week Canada, which boasts having 300 acts take over 20 venues in Canada’s largest city, is now taking submissions for artists to perform at their week-long showcase.

Apply HERE all you amazing musicians. Keep on keepin’ on.

So like, I’m a fan:

For those not familiar, Indie Music Week sprang into action 13 years ago showcasing independent musicians, both Canadian and from abroad, in numerous venues spread across the city of Toronto. After seeing success here with their format, they have expanded to the UK market, establishing Indie Week Europe in 2015.

A large draw for participating bands is the chance to participate in Manchester, England for Indie Music Europe’s Showcase (flights and accommodations included)

Indie Week Canada takes place in November and this year falls between the 15th to 20th.

So like, anyways:

Since the move away of the intimate venue-centric version of NXNE, it will be interesting to see if the independent music festivals such like Indie Music Week will expand and flourish to fill the void that a lot of us so longed for this past year from our city’s most-profiled go-to venue-hopping staple.

Time will have to tell.

In the meantime, check out Indie Week’s socials to see who will be hanging out in Toronto and where you can check them out:

Indie Music Website
Indie Music Week Twitter
Indie Music Week FaceBook
Insta Indie Music Week

Indie Music Week Alumni Include:

The Dearly Bereft – (More to come on these guys in the future)

Sumo Cyco

Walk Off The Earth


Chixdiggit surprises Italian fans at their wedding

By Regina Sienra

No one can really measure the spectrum of the fanbase a band can gain, and sometimes the less palpable aspect can be one of geography: Where is your music being played and enjoyed? For Chixdiggit, Italy is one of those places. Cristian and Miriam, two of their biggest fans there just got married, and the bride decided to surprise the groom at the wedding with a special performance by the Calgary punk-rock band.

In a video uploaded by the Italian station Radio BAM, you can see the groom being led to a tree-lined area, where the band is secretly testing their instruments. Cristian soon turns his head to find his favourite band and scream with the delight.

The band then plays the 1996 song “I Wanna Hump You” for the Italian newlyweds and their guests. In another video, the band plays “Sikome Beach” from Born on the First of July as the groom happily moshes and dances by the front row.

If you’re closer to Bengough, Sask., than you are to Italy, you can catch Chixdiggit this weekend at the Gateway festival.

Radiation Exposure

By Nick Jean

A part of what we wanted to do when we started OurBasement was to help draw your ears to new acts we think you’ll love but may not yet have had the chance to hear.

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The Radiation Flowers slayed.

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Picture if you would a mellowed-out Black Mountain and you’ll be most of the way to The Radiation Flowers. First brought to our attention by Carl Johnson’s (Library Voices) Instagram post, the Saskatoon-based foursome is made up of vocalist and guitarist Shelby Gaudet, drummer Amber Ross, Christopher Laramee on guitar and bassist Jay Allen. Born from a number of line-up changes from a band called Powder Blue, (with a letter from the Powder Blues Band proving the ultimate catalyst,)  they released their second full-length album last year. The self-titled LP is an 11-track masterwork of droning, psychedelic shoegaze.

Now a four-piece after their keyboardist left the band, Allen said in a phone interview from Sault Ste. Marie their newest songs are “less synth-y,” as you’d expect without a keyboardist, “They’re a little less ethereal and a little less dreamy and little more noisy and guitar-driven.”

Below is an example of their earlier sound, a psychedelic track called “Go On Forever” from their first full-length, Dream In Black.

“We don’t want to feel we’re funneled or pigeon-holed into any category and I think our music can really appeal to a lot of people,” Allen said. “We get a lot of different comparisons when people talk to us about our music. Everything from Seattle grunge in the ’90s to ’70s psychedelia to ’90s shoegaze.”

In the first single, “Psychic Attack,” the fuzzed out instrumentation will put you at ease, but Gaudet’s vocals and Ross’ marching beat will get your hackles up and have you checking over your shoulder. You should get used to that feeling, too. It’s ever-present in the album. These Toontown rockers are like the beauty of a bloom in a post-nuclear wasteland. It may be pretty to gaze upon, but it might just try to eat you, too.

The band’s been exceptionally busy as they announced they were in the studio towards the end of May (more on that later) before departing on a self-booked, two-stage cross-Canada tour. The second, eastern leg being the eight-stop Summer Burnout Tour.

Unfortunately, Regina, Winnipeg and Thunder Bay are too late to see them. If you’re in Southern or Eastern Ontario, however, you’ve still got a chance. They have shows throughout the rest of the week in Hamilton, Oshawa, Toronto and Ottawa.

Wednesday, July 20 – Hamilton, ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood
w/ Comet Control and Hawkeyes

Thursday, July 21 – Bowmanville, ON @ Manantler Craft Brewing Co.
w/ Holy Mount

Friday, July 22 – Toronto, ON @ The Silver Dollar Room
w/ B-17, Vypers and Denim Skeletons

Saturday, July 23 – Ottawa, ON @ Dominion Tavern
w/ The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol and David Jackson

As for that studio stint, they have just released a split 7″ with a Swedish group called The Orange Revival for which just 300 copies were made, half of which went overseas. They have copies of that record with them on tour so you can pick one up there.

But that’s not the end for new music. They have also put the wraps on a six-track EP that will be released some time in the late summer or early fall. We’ll have news of that as soon as we can get it.

Check out The Radiation Flowers’ site at www.theradiationflowers.com. Both their full-lengths are available for you to pick up on bandcamp. Do so and you’ll hopefully “get out of the music what we’re trying to put into it,” Allen said, “a pure enjoyment of music.”

Canadian indie fights cancer

By Nick Jean

It seems 2016 is the year of the epic tour. As we previously announced, Lauren Mann is working on a 50-date tour with stops literally all across the country. Not to be outdone, Arkells have released a massive slew of dates.

Over the next six months, the Hamilton rockers will be making 31 stops in six provinces, 13 states and stints overseas in Britain and Germany. (See the end of this post for the full schedule.) And as if that weren’t enough, they kicked it all off with a private show earlier this month. This wasn’t just any old house show, however.

The recipients were the friends and family of 18-year-old Jill Zitars (as well as Zitars herself, of course.) Zitars is partway through her treatment for stage two Hodgkin’s lymphoma. July 6 was supposed to be her halfway point for treatment. Instead, doctors informed her things weren’t going quite as planned and they would need to reassess. The Waterloo, Ont., teen was understandably quite shaken by the news.

In an attempt to lift her spirits, her friend Kristin Kelly reached out to Arkells over Snapchat, explaining the situation and asking them to pay a visit. Three members of the band – Max Kerman, Mike DeAngelis and Anthony Carone – did just that, performing an acoustic backyard set for Zitars.

“I was so shocked and overjoyed at the same time,” Zitars told CBC of the event. “My friends were amazing.”

Tour Dates
07.23.2016 – Oro-Medonte, Ontario – WayHome Music Festival
07.24.2016 – Colwood, British Columbia – Rock The Shores
07.28.2016 – Chicago, Illinois – Grant Park – Lollapalooza
& Bottom Lounge – Official Lollapalooza Aftershow w/ The Struts
07.30.2016 – New Glasgow, Nova Scotia – The Riverfront Jubilee
08.01.2016 – St. Johns, Newfoundland – George Street Festival
08.06.2016 – Regina, Saskatchewan – Queen City Ex
08.21.2016 – Leipzig, Saxony – Highfield Festival in Grosspösna, Germany
08.23.2016 – London, Middlesex – Lexington
08.25.2016 – Ubersee, Bavaria – Chiemsee Summer Festival
09.03.2016 – Edmonton, Alberta – Borden Park – SONiC BOOM
09.04.2016 – Calgary, Alberta – Fort Calgary – X FEST
09.09.2016 – Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario – Jackson Triggs Theatre
09.15.2016 – New York, New York – Studio At Webster Hall
09.23.2016 – Reading, Pennsylvania – Reverb – w/ Frank Turner
09.27.2016 – Champaign, Illinois – The Accord – w/ Frank Turner
09.28.2016 – St. Louis, Missouri – The Ready Room – w/ Frank Turner
09.29.2016 – Maquoketa, Iowa – Codfish Hollow Barnstormers – w/ Frank Turner
09.30.2016 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Rave / Eagles Club – w/ Frank Turner
10.01.2016 – Kalamazoo, Michigan – Bell’s Eccentric Cafe – w/ Frank Turner
10.27.2016 – Athens, Georgia – The Georgia Theatre – w/ Frank Turner
10.28.2016 – Charlottesville, Virginia – Jefferson Theatre – w/ Frank Turner
10.29.2016 – Morgantown, West Virginia – Mainstage – w/ Frank Turner
10.30.2016 – Norfolk, Virginia – The NorVa – w/ Frank Turner
10.31.2016 – Wilmington, Delaware – World Cafe Live @ The Queen – w/ Frank Turner
11.02.2016 – Clifton Park, New York – Upstate Concert Theatre – w/ Frank Turner
11.03.2016 – Ithaca, New York – The Haunt – w/ Frank Turner
11.11.2016 – Detroit, Michigan – Magic Bag
11.12.2016 – Chicago, Illinois – Subterranean
12.09.2016 – Buffalo, New York – The Town Ballroom
12.10.2016 – Buffalo, New York – The Town Ballroom

Hamilton: DreamCast

By Regina Sienra and Donna Lowe

Hamilton (Definitely not the city in Ontario. The big musical that made Broadway cool again) has broken records, indeed, but one of its biggest achievements is bringing rap and hip hop to new audiences who may not have seen its potential as a marvellous and diverse art form.

Despite its very American story – the musical depicts the United States’ Founding Fathers after all– people from all over the world have been mesmerized by the music and the spirit of Hamilton. Of course, that includes Canada.

Inspired by the rumours about a Toronto production opening sometime in the near future, the success of the Original Cast Recording — the album hit #1 on the Billboard Rap chart, only to be dethroned by Drake’s Views — and K’naan attending the show and hanging with the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, we decided to created our dream cast of Hamilton with amazing Canadian rappers and singers. A show with a cast this stacked could get even the most vociferous opponent of musical theatre onboard.

Buck65 Photo by DeaShoot Used under CC license.)
Buck65. (Photo by DeaShoot used under CC license)

Buck 65 as Alexander Hamilton. The musical’s namesake was a prolific, yarn-spinning, ambitious, creative force. Hamilton hustled his way from Caribbean orphan to US Treasury Secretary and right-hand man to George Washington. Rich Terfry, the rapper/storyteller/CBC host from Mount Uniacke, N.S., seems like a logical choice to fill this Founding Father’s shoes.



Shad Photo by ECostello)
Shad (Photo by ECostello at English Wikipedia)

Shad as Aaron Burr. In contrast to Hamilton’s impulsiveness, his rival Aaron Burr was cautious, reflective, and measured — while equally intelligent — and Shad has the serious demeanour that seems to be needed for the role. The London, Ont., rapper has a long career in spot-on, strong rhymes, and his new project has brought further proof of his vocal ability, which is needed for big numbers like “The Room Where it Happens.”



Basia Bulat Photo by John Benson.)
Basia Bulat (Photo by John Benson)

Basia Bulat as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda has described Eliza’s role as “pure goodness,” and projecting that is something Basia Bulat does with ease. Her beautiful and haunting voice, added to her powerful performances, fit Eliza’s emotionally-charged songs perfectly. Just listen to “Burn” from the Original Cast Recording and Bulat’s “It can’t be you” one after the other and you’ll see what we mean.

k-os Photo by Kevin Brereton)
k-os (Photo by Kevin Brereton)

k-os as Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson. This dual role requires a big personality — someone with rapid-fire rap skills, charisma to burn, and an instant aura of respect onstage. Who better than k-os, who has fearlessly spoken truths about being a rap artist in Canada since 1993.



Cadence Weapon Photo by Martin Cathrae)
Cadence Weapon (Photo by Martin Cathrae )

Cadence Weapon as George Washington. The trailblazing poet laureate from Edmonton recently wrote for The Guardian about the adversities and the hope of putting hip-hop in the spotlight, which in the beginning meant defying the stereotype of Canadian identity. With a career that spans more than a decade, Cadence Weapon has become an authority — you might say even a “presidential” voice — not only in Canadian rap, but anywhere.

Kinnie Starr Photo by David Carroll
Kinnie Starr (Photo by David Carroll)

Kinnie Starr as Angelica Schuyler. Powerful, smart, sensible. Those are some of the adjectives that describe Angelica, the oldest of the Schuyler sisters, and they’re equally appropriate to describe Kinnie Starr. The Calgary singer who mixes hip hop and rock in her music is very vocal about her Aboriginal heritage and her political stances. She never backs down, and neither does Angelica.


Luke Lalonde Photo by ElfieTakesPictures cropped and used under CC license)
Luke Lalonde (Photo by ElfieTakesPictures cropped and used under CC license)

Luke Lalonde (Born Ruffians) as King George III. With a cameo performance that doesn’t even hit the 10-minute mark, the sassy King George nonetheless makes audiences laugh their heads off by taking himself way too seriously — leading to nothing being serious at all. This character gets three 60s-like, Beatles-esque pop songs, and Luke Lalonde would deliver them extraordinarily well.



Def3 (Photo from bandcamp)

Def3 as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton. The Saskatchewan rapper has a fresh and youthful sound, just like these two characters — Laurens is Hamilton’s friend and confidante in Act 1, and the same actor plays his son Philip in Act 2. Def3’s Latin American ancestry and the bundle of “charisma and good looks” make this choice even more fitting.



Odario Williams (Photo from Twitter)

Odario Williams (Grand Analog) as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison. This double role has “sidekick” qualities — in Act 1, Hercules is one of Hamilton’s entourage and in Act 2, Madison is Jefferson’s right-hand man, but to reduce these parts to the sidelines is unfair. Both parts require versatility, a broad skill set, and the talent to own a name that you can’t imagine without, as Miranda told The Rolling Stone, “picturing Busta Rhymes saying it.” We think Odario is up to the task.

Lindi Ortega Photo by Stanthemanchan)
Lindi Ortega (Photo by Stanthemanchan)

Lindi Ortega as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds. The powerful Jasmine Cephas-Jones – who also plays two roles during the show, as do many other cast members – truly shines in the part of the plot-shaker Maria Reynolds. The sexy character who seduces Hamilton (resulting in America’s first sex scandal!) really requires a sexy performer, and Lindi Ortega would not only provide a marvellous interpretation, but she would also offer new perspectives to the soul/R&B-influenced score.


Little Scream makes a new dance up in her new video

By Nick Jean

Not satisfied with getting you chair dancing, Little Scream is introducing the world to bed dancing (mattress dancing?) Premiering today is the official music video for “Dark Dance,” the third track on this year’s Cult Following and the second to get the video treatment following the first single “Love as a Weapon.”

The video below sets a scene that seems peaceful and serene. Although there is something almost unsettling in the dancers’ movements that suggest something isn’t quite right. They move in jerky yet fluid motions that form the perfect counterpoint and accompaniment to Little Scream’s haunting, melodic vocals.

If the video isn’t enough Little Scream for you, she’ll be playing a number of shows in the coming weeks, including three shows at the end of the month with American indie-folk darlings Beirut. Don’t miss your chance. Check the show listing below.

Jul 15 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza
Jul 16-17 – Vancouver, BC @ Vancouver Folk Festival
Jul 22 – New York, NY @ Panorama Music and Arts Festival
Jul 22–24 – Oro-Medonte, ON @ WayHome Music & Arts Festival
July 25 – Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix w/ Beirut
July 26 – Ottawa, ON @ Algonquin Commons Theatre w/ Beirut
July 28 – Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre w/ Beirut
Jul 29-31 – Sackville, NB @ Sappy Fest
Aug 12 – Eau Claire, WI @ Eaux Claires Festival
Oct 28-30 – New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music Experience

Picture taken from Little Scream’s FB page.