Ocean Potion

From Zeus’ forehead springs Ocean Potion

Just in time for the summer, Zeus announced today that guitarist Mike O’Brien and recently-added guitarist/keyboardist Jason Haberman have released four tracks from their new act, Ocean Potion (not the sunscreen). This is the first music released by the new group, initially announced just over a year ago in a mysterious Instagram post.

From the very beginning of “Lights Out”, the first of the new songs, elements of Zeus – the keys; the high, strained vocals – are apparent as they are laid out in a hazy, dream-like atmosphere. The result is a cautiously sunny sound and a chance to appreciate classic rock and roll sounds in a mid-fi mix.

Check out Ocean Potion’s songs below:


6 thoughts on “From Zeus’ forehead springs Ocean Potion

  1. Loving the new blog! Loving life too much to be here right now! Love how I can post from my phone!


  2. Ya well, that’s easy for you to type….
    Otherwise, um, there seems to be a weekend going on.


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