John K. Samson is back with a new record – and some old pals

By Regina Sienra

John K. Samson will be back this October with an album that may feature more Weakerthans’ sounds than we had hoped for. Winter Wheat, Samson’s second solo album, is coming out on October 21st. The album will feature The Weakerthans’ drummer Jason Tait –who also co-produces the album alongside musician Christine Fellows, Samson’s partner– and bassist Greg Smith.

“Strangely, this album is technically more like a Weakerthans record than my first solo album”, Samson said to A.V. Club. “But in other ways it feels very different. It is a bit of a sprawler at 15 songs, which is unusual for me, and is mostly acoustic and spare, and was recorded in home studios over a really long Winnipeg winter.”

Both Tait and Smith joined John K. Samson on stage at Brandon Folk Fest in late July. There, the Weakerthans’ singer performed some new songs that will appear on Winter Wheat.


The title for Samson’s second solo album comes from a song inspired by Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness and was created for an event called “Torn From the Pages”, which took place on May 2015.

A.V Club is also premiering “Postdoc Blues”, first single from Winter Wheat. In this song, Samson explores how technology is altering the way we interpret the world. You can pre-order the album here.

UPDATE: The Winter Wheat track listing has been announced as well:

1. Select All Delete
2. Postdoc Blues
3. Winter Wheat
4. Requests
5. Oldest Oak at Brookside
6. Capital
7. 17th Street Treatment Centre
8. Vampire Alberta Blues
9. Carrie Ends the Call
10. Fellow Traveller
11. Quiz Night at Looky Lou’s
12. Alpha Adept
13. Prayer for Ruby Elm
14. VPW 13 Blues
15. Virtute at Rest


80 thoughts on “John K. Samson is back with a new record – and some old pals

  1. So did everybody else just get sucked into the ether along with the vanished blog post or what? Where you all at?


  2. Re the last track on the future JKS album, it’s got a high standard to reach; I assume JKS must be confident, not only presenting it, but placing it last.


  3. @Benoit I’m wondering about that one too. I mean, it’s not like “Virtute explains her departure” is an easy (-to say it in a way) song. It breaks your heart. I can’t imagine what he’ll do.


  4. the whacky world of sports

    Adam van Koeverden just raced his last race, blowing the doors off the B final, which he ended up in because he had a bad race in the semis. His time would’ve gotten him a silver medal


  5. Wow, I didn’t know they had foot races that feature doors! Fences to trip you, sure, but doors is great!


  6. Also, I love JKS but I’m not particularly fond of the merch company where you pre-order. Last time I checked their parcels took extra long and were easily delayed by customs. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but this company is LA-based)

    I wouldn’t say “terrible customer service”, but a very rude one. When I ordered my Weakerthans shirt, I think they even had a disclaimer that said something like “don’t message us to let us know your International order has not arrived”.


  7. ha…the images an event called “individual jumping” conjure up…

    evidently, it’s done with horses, so not really individual


  8. Reginula,
    From the other post, I can see that I need to step up my photo game if you’re going to want to use them here.😉


  9. Also, I need links in English to show you this but there’s a big, Olympics-related story going on here.

    The “president” of what we call the National Sport Commission (not the national Olympic committee) is honeymooning with taxpayers’ money in Rio, while some Mexican athletes are showing up without the proper uniforms.

    It just got crazier because the first medal (we don’t know yet what it is, a boxer just pugilist just clinched a spot in the semifinal) is a guy who had to ask for money on the streets to be able to cover his travel expenses.

    This countryyy


  10. @Shonica Your pics are very nice! If this grows –and you like the idea– we can even get you to apply for press passes (and even photo ones to get super close for three songs).


  11. Fussy nitpicks: Toews’ book title should be in italics, and missing closing quotation mark on event name in same sentence. There are a couple more, but they’re even nitpickier and not worth mentioning. Not that other two were really either.


  12. @MrFussy Truth is I just threw together this post in like five minutes. I’ll correct that, and please don’t hesitate to point out more. Thanks.


  13. watching the SWE – BRA women’s football (soccer) match

    SWE is playing a brilliantly tactical game, but kind of dull.

    Whatever works, right?

    scoreless tie in the second half of overtime. 20-some minutes and it’s off to penalty kicks


  14. watching BRA-SWE women’s soccer

    SWE is playing brilliantly, but kind of dull. But if it works, I guess…

    scoreless tie in second half of overtime. 10 minutes to penalty kicks


  15. wasnt’ really paying attention until recently. Watched the highlights and some of the games (because you can stream the entire game on the CBC site – you can also skip around)

    they’ve been playing brilliantly


  16. they beat Australia playing a player short for 3/4 of the match
    and not only did they hold off Aus, they scored a goal to cement the win


  17. Hey all! I am back from the fabulous long weekend in Winnipeg enjoying some great music with friends. It was great to forget about my new bike being stolen. Outside of the festival gates I was reminded over and over as I watched people bike by and would think about how that was supposed to be me.

    Devin had the stent taken out this morning and will finish this round of antibiotics and hopefully that 2 month kidney stone ordeal will be done with.

    I was trying to catch up a little and saw some great posts I missed since last week. It’s good to be back for a few days.


  18. Shonica just sent me a link to that. Cool stuff!

    @reginula – I want that media pass! I can’t get pics with my crappy phone right now. If I had a media pass I would be able to go in with my DSLR.


  19. I remember another list of flag rankings, assembled with a little more scientific rigor (sort of). The site seems to be offline now, but it lives on in the Wayback Machine.

    I’m afraid Mexico doesn’t fare as well in that list. One thing I like about this new one is that it’s kinder to my favourite flag: Barbados.


  20. Reg, 2:03, “opinions: everybody’s got one”. Also, our flag’s considered one of the better ones in the world, being immediately identifiable. (Also, a maple tree??? Pfffft! Would not have looked half as good.)


  21. In the other flag thing, the guy says of ours: that maple leaf… (…) not stylised enough. I quote that because, obviously (I think it’s obvious, anyway), the leaf is VERY stylised. I repeat, opinions: everybody’s got one.


  22. After all, Lord knows, I *deserve* attention, Lord knows.

    (Pastiched on D. Duck’s “I’m not like other people, I can’t stand pain, it hurts me”, from an Abominabobble Snowman cartoon.)


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